Five Ways To Avoid Post Surgery Depression

Most people feel a certain amount of trepidation before going into ‘traditional’ surgery. After all, you are about to be rendered unconscious by a highly paid stranger and once everything is totally out of your control, a relative stranger is going to put holes in you with a very sharp knife.

With cosmetic surgery this trepidation is often masked by feelings of excitement over how self-confident the patient is going to feel with their new self and proper depression preventatives haven’t been put in place.

Why does depression happen? A number of reasons. The medication can disagree with you; you are bruised and swollen and a glance in the mirror may reveal a car accident victim rather than the new self-confident go-getter you imagined. In short, you feel utterly wretched.    

However, all of this is very short lived. Here are a few hints to get you through your convalescence.  

  1. Surround yourself with a strong support group. Family, friends and spouse to pander to your every need and to tell you you’re going to look amazing.
  2. Heed your doctor’s instructions. You trusted him or her with the knife now do the same with the recovery.  
  3. Processed food and alcohol cause dehydration. You’ve already got enough to worry about. Stick to three healthy light meals and drink plenty of water. 
  4. Put everything within easy reach. You’re not going to run a marathon for a bit, so lie back with the TV remote, a stack of DVDs and books and make sure you don’t have to walk a country mile to go for a wee.
  5. Rest. That’s it. Body and mind.   

Above all else, talk to your surgeon about what you can expect. There is no such thing as a stupid question and our skilled staff here at The Cosmetic Institute offer compassionate and informative pre-operative information to mentally prepare you for the new you. Don’t be afraid to ask.  Inquire today about how you can look your best in 2013. 

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